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Automatic feeder compatible with our CT60N and N60 cutting machines as well as with other recycling equipment

The patented "ROBOT" loader-feeder is designed to take large bales and/or boxes as well as material in bulk form and feed the material to awaiting downstream equipment such as a cutting machine. Its operation is fully automatic, consistent, adjustable and continuous. Processed material may consist of fibers, tangled yarns, rags, carpets, plastic films, tows, non-wovens, ...



    • Having placed the bale on the loading platform, the operator removes the straps and the bale’s top wrapping if necessary.
    • When the control button is pressed, the bale is raised and dumped into the feed hopper.
    • The lower wrap is firmly gripped by a device (as an option) throughout the cycle until the platform returns to the rest position.
    • At the same time, the extraction bars driven by an alternating and regular to-and-fro movement carry the material to the hopper opening.
    • At the opening, an awaiting oscillating blade controls the material thickness for feeding the cutting machine or an awaiting piece of equipment.
    • All functions, except the removal of the wrapping and straps while the bale is on the platform, are automatic.

    • The machine is entirely constructed of welded steel.
    • Parts are mass produced using the most sophisticated equipment and have been designed to ensure a high degree of mechanical component standardization and easy interchangeability of all parts.
    • Hydraulic jacks are made of special steel with chromed piston rods.
    • Rotating movements are mounted on ball or roller bearings.
    • A mobile control console centralizes the different mechanical functions.
    • Basic framework of extremely rigid steel profiles is mounted via hydraulic jacks on retractable wheels. Securing the Robot to the floor is not required provided the machine can be located on a suitable concrete base.
    • Easily accessible central hydraulic unit.

    • Instantaneous bar speed adjustment in operating or standby modes by means of an hydraulic control lever.
    • Quick and easy to clean.
    • Material layer thickness is adjustable by simply pushing on a control button.
    • Electrical connectivity is possible to one or two Pierret cutting machines for automatic control of the cutting line.
    • Connectivity is possible to other equipment for automatic and controlled feeding.
    • Automated and simplified operation means considerable savings in terms of time and operators. This system can be operated without the use of skilled labor.
  • icon SAFETY

    • Audible alarm linked to the platform control.
    • Overload safety valve.
    • Doors and covers protect the components against contamination of materials.
    • Platform protection against sudden falls in the case of accidental pipe fractures.
    • Protection from the cutting and stretching system by doors fitted with electrical safety devices.