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Tow transfer machine


    • Transfer of up to three cable combinations at a time.
    • Transfer speed adjustment from 0 to 100% by means of a frequency inverter.
    • Adjustment of the desired transfer length by means of a digital touch pad.
    • Adjustment of the to and fro movement of the transfer rolls by means of a lever.
    • Adjustment of the side to side movement by simply moving a handle.
    • Possibility to adjust the pressure of the transfer rolls.
    • Limit switch protection to prevent possible wraps-ups around the transfer rolls.
    • The machine is driven by a three phase asynchronous motor with IP55 protection.

    • Easy to operate.
    • Easy and quick adjustments.
    • Limited maintenance required.
    • Control station located at the front of the machine.
    • Possibility to restart the machine without having to reset the digital touch pad.
    • Only one motor to operate the various movements of the machine.
    • The machine can be moved easily with a pallet jack or a forklift.
  • icon OPERATION

    • The material to transfer is placed at the rear of the machine.
    • The cable(s) is/are inserted into the guiding rings before passing between the two transfer rolls.
    • The desired transfer length is set by means of a digital touch pad.
    • The operator starts the machine which will stop automatically once the requested length is reached.
    • The cable is then cut by the operator and collected in the center of the machine.
    • The machine stops automatically in case of wraps-ups around the transfer rolls. The machine can also be stopped at any time by means of a stop button.