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RL 1000

Automatic grinding machine for all Pierret knives

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    • Grinding length : 1,000 mm (+/- 39”).
    • Automatic translating and lowering of grinding wheel.
    • Pre-selection of grinding depth between 0.01 (+/- 0.0004”) and 0.04 mm (+/- 0.0016”) - lowering the grinding wheel on each pass.
    • Pre-selection of material thickness to be removed between 0.01 (+/- 0.0004”) and 9 mm (+/- 0.4”).



    • Double jet cooling system. Closed circuit motor pump with coolant segregation tank.
    • Quick positioning and fixing of all PIERRET machines knives.
    • The sharpening of carbide knives is done by means of a diamond grinding stone using speed reduction.


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    • The RL 1000 can be used to grind other blades (on special request).
    • Very quick adjustment with grinding angle displayed on a graduated scale.
    • Controls and adjustment devices grouped within the operator’s reach.
    • The rolls of the grinder holder carriage travel below the guide devices made of steel. The guide bars and rolls are protected from dust. The carriage cannot lift off while the machine is operating.