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Hydraulic cutting machine dedicated to the cut of bobbin of large diameter (max. 450 mm)


    • Cutting length : 360 mm (+/- 14”).
    • Shaft diameter : 52 mm (+/- 2”) or 68 mm (+/- 2.5”) (other diameters available upon request).
    • Jack stroke : 190 mm (+/- 7.5”) (for a 68 mm – 2.5” shaft diameter).
    • Jack upward speed : 11 m/min. (+/- 36 ft/min.).
    • Jack downward speed : 3 m/min (+/- 10 ft/min.).
    • Production varies according to the diameter of the bobbin, loading, … and may reach up to 300 bobbins/hour (for big jack stroke) and up to 600 bobbins/hour (for small jack stroke).
    • The bobbin cutter is driven by a three phase enclosed motor with cooled housing and IP55 protection.
  • icon DESIGN

    • The knife is guided during its entire stroke in order to remain straight when entering the material.
    • The knife guides are replaceable.
    • The knife follows the flexing of the shaft which guarantees the bobbin will be cut over its entire length.
    • A replaceable nylon thrust block is inserted in the shaft in order to optimize the lifetime of the knife and of the shaft itself.
    • The jack stroke is adjustable.
    • The safety of the system is guaranteed by a protection shield, a two-hand control command for the descent of the knife, and a hydraulic valve adjusted at our facility.

    • The independent hydraulic unit, on which the electrical cabinet is located, is connected to the bobbin cutter via hydraulic quick couplings and one electrical plug.
    • The hydraulic unit can therefore easily be placed either on the right- or the left-hand side of the machine, without using tools and at the user’s convenience.
    • Thanks to its standard support¹, the bobbin cutter can be placed in line with our conveyor that enables the material to be fed to an awaiting downstream piece of equipment.
    • The conveyor can be placed either at the left, at the right or at the rear of the machine, at the user’s convenience.
    • The conveyor’s electrical plug is connected directly to the electrical cabinet of the bobbin cutter.
    • The bobbin cutter and the conveyor are automatically switched off after a certain period of time if not used.
    • The knife is double-sided and can be sharpened on a separate grinding machine, ideally one manufactured by PIERRET.
    • The bobbin is easily positioned on the shaft thanks to an adjustable block.

    ¹ Other supports can be supplied upon request in oder to place the bobbin cutter on top of the feeding apron of the cutting machines N45, R45, N60 and CT60N.

  • icon OPERATION

    • The operator sets the jack stroke according to the bobbin diameter.
    • Once those parameters are set, the operator places the bobbin on the shaft and makes the knife descend with the two-handed control command. When the knife hits the thrust block inserted in the shaft, the operator stops pushing the buttons and the knife automatically goes up to its initial position. The material then falls down, and the core remains on the shaft and thus must be removed manually.