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Automatic loader-feeder compatible with our CT60N and N60 cutting machines as well as with other recycling & generalized equipment

The patented R52 automatic loader-feeder is mainly designed to feed one or several CT60N, CT60 or N60 cutting machines but, can also be placed upstream of any other recycling or generalized equipment. Its operation is automatic, adjustable and continuous. It can take large bales and/or boxes as well as material in bulk form and feed the material to awaiting downstream equipment such as a cutting machine. Its operation is fully automatic, consistent, adjustable and continuous. Processed material may consist of fibers, tangled yarns, fabrics, carpets, tows, non-wovens, plastic films, nets, big bags, ropes, ... in bales of different size and density, in bulk, in boxes, ...



    • The machine is entirely constructed of welded steel.
    • Parts are mass produced using the most sophisticated equipment available and have been designed to ensure a high degree of standardization and interchangeability.
    • Rotative movements are mounted on ball or roller bearings.
    • The machine is operated from a touchscreen that can either be placed on the left- or right-hand side.
    • Basic framework of extremely rigid steel profiles are mounted on retractable wheels. The machine can be moved with ease. Securing it to the floor is not typically required provided the machine can be located on a suitable concrete base.
    • The separate hydraulic unit can be placed either on the left- or right-hand side of the machine, and can be easily reached in case of need of maintenance.
  • icon DESIGN

      The R52 automatic loader-feeder consists of:

    • A large size hydraulically controlled platform (2,330 mm x 1,880 mm / 7’-8’’ x 6’-2’’) for lifting up to 800 Kg (1,770 Lbs) to enable hands-free
      loading of the feed hopper.

    • A standard capacity hopper of 4 m³ (± 138')³ - option ± 6 m³ (± 207')³ - can receive a large quantity of material to facilitate a continuous and consistent feed. It is also feasible to use the hopper as a mechanism for mixing material.

    • Four arms equipped with hooks/fins, with a thrust of up to 3 tons (6,000 Lbs) per arm, travel by means of large bearings. Their alternating to-and-fro motion with adjustable speed are hydraulically driven.

    • The oscillating movement of a cutting blade with carbide or hardened steel segments regulates the thickness of the material that flow from the hopper outlet.
      The material thickness is adjusted by means of a device equipped with a gear motor.

    • The hydraulic unit is connected to the machine via flexible hydraulic hoses equipped with quick couplings. The main electrical cabinet is mounted on the hydraulic unit and is connected to the machine via a multi-pin connector.


    • By use of a large touchscreen located separately, the machine can be controlled, and monitored for potential fault occurances.
    • Quick and easy to clean.
    • Material layer thickness is easily adjustable by the simple push of a button.
    • The material supply can be fully managed when the loader-feeder is placed upstream of one or more CT60N's. When placed upstream of any other recycling machine, its management remains possible, but on a reduced level.
    • Automated and simplified operation means considerable savings in terms of time and labor. This system can be operated without the use of skilled operators.
    • The hydraulic unit is equipped with a cooling device.
    • The loader-feeder is equipped with a safety relief protection in the event the platform, cutting system or feeding system is overloaded.
    • The loading platform is protected against sudden falls in the event of accidental pipe fractures.
    • The removable hydraulic group allows for interchangeability with another hydraulic group of the same generation. Its design also helps with clean, and safe maintenance of the unit.
    • A light column extended upward above the hopper indicates the operating status of the machine at all times.
    • The main electrical cabinet is air cooled.
    • A remote secondary control panel can be supplied as an option.
  • icon OPERATION

    • Having placed the material on the loading platform, the operator removes the straps and/or the bale’s top wrap if any.
    • When the control button is pushed, the material is raised and dumped into the feed hopper.
    • A light and audible alarm is activated during the entire working cycle of the loading platform. As an option, a device can be supplied to grip firmly the bale's lower wrap keeping it on the loading platform throughout its cycle.
    • The extraction bars push and pull on the material forcing it through the hopper opening.
    • At the hopper opening, an oscillating blade that controls the material's thickness helps to facilitate forward movement on to an awaiting cutting machine conveyor or other piece of equipment.
    • Except the possible removal of the straps and wrapping, all functions are automatic.