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Обрабатываемое сырье Используемые машины Продолжительность
Glass fiber MCC 0'00''

    • The machine can be fed with several filaments.
    • Adjustment of the desired number of filaments by means of a digital touch pad.
    • The tension applied to the filaments can be easily adjusted by means of a special infeed mechanism.
    • Cable length : 6 m (+/- 20 ft). 12 m (+/- 40 ft) as an option.
    • The machine is driven by two three phase asynchronous motors with IP55 protection.

    • Facilité d'utilisation.
    • Réglages simples et rapides.
    • Nécessite très peu d'entretien.
    • Commande centralisée sur le dessus de la machine.
    • Arrêt automatique de la machine en cas de surtension du câble.
    • Possibilité de redémarrer la machine sans devoir réinitialiser le compteur.
    • La machine peut être déplacée facilement sur ses roues.
  • icon OPERATION

    • The bobbins are placed on a rack.
    • The filaments are inserted into the guiding ring of the tension device before passing through a special infeed mechanism and being wound around the two pulleys.
    • The desired number of filaments is set by means of a digital touch pad.
    • The operator starts the machine which will stop automatically once the requested number of filaments is reached.
    • The operator then cuts and removes the cable.
    • The machine stops automatically in the event there is too much tension on the cable.