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High capacity guillotine cutting machine for soft material as well as for special fibers

icon Comparative chart

Model Cutting
Compressed material thickness Total installed power (50 Hz) Bulk
S45 450 mm 6 - 150 mm 300 cuts/min. 75 mm 4 Kw
N45 450 mm 3 - 125 mm 405 cuts/min. 75 mm 7.1 Kw
R45 450 mm 3 - 125 mm 380 cuts/min. 75 mm 10.8 Kw
N60 600 mm 4 - 118 mm 290 cuts/min. 125 mm 13 Kw
CT60N 600 mm 5 - 360 mm 250 cuts/min. 180 mm 25.5 Kw
P26 260 mm 0.1 - 8 mm 85 - 400 cuts/min. 2 - 40 mm 16 Kw

icon Working diagram


    • Cutting width : 600 mm (+/- 23''”) effective for a 1,100 mm (+/- 43''”) table infeed width.
    • Acceptable compressed material thickness : 180 mm (+/- 7''”).
    • Maximum material thickness at infeed : +/- 500 mm (+/- 19''”) according to material compressibility.
    • Cutting speed : 200 cuts/min. (100 or 150 cuts/min. upon request).
    • Range of cutting lengths : from 10 mm (+/- 0.4''”) to 180 mm (+/- 7''”) - longer upon request.
    • Production varies according to the material, cutting length, loading, ..., and may reach over 10 tons/hour (22,000 Lbs/hour).
    • The cutting machine is driven by four three phase enclosed motors with cooled housing and IP55 protection.
  • icon DESIGN

    • Simple, accurate knife adjustment via two knobs located on the front panel of the machine.
    • Four hardened steel, hydraulically driven, compression rolls efficiently draw the material towards the cutting chamber. The roll nearest the knives is grooved on the reverse side to provide a better grip on the material and to prevent it from wrapping.
    • A patented vibration mechanism pushes the compressed material on the feeding belt towards the fixed knife.
    • A tabulated lever enables cutting lengths to be accurately adjusted, without stopping the cutting machine.

    • Minor wear of the cutting edge can be taken up in seconds while the machine is working.
    • All Pierret knives are straight and can be sharpened on a separate grinding machine, ideally one manufactured by Pierret. The mobile knife is double-sided.
    • A separate control station used to control the various machine functions is always within the operator’s reach and pivots 360°.
    • Quick adjustment of the infeed roll angle enables the simple adjustment for easy entry of the material to be cut. The rolls are raised hydraulically by the simple push of a button.
    • Quick dismounting of the feed table without tools.
    • A special feed table design totally eliminates penetration of foreign material between the conveyor belt and the sides.
    • The cutting machine is mounted on retractable wheels.
    • The feeding may be reversed by the simple push of a button.
    • The feeding can be started or stopped by a remote signal.
    • The cutting machine can be placed in line with our ROBOT automatic feeder.
  • icon OPERATION

    • The material is conveyed on a feeding belt to an awaiting hardened steel roll assembly under adjustable hydraulic pressure. The rolls compress the material on the feed table and draw it efficiently towards the knives.
    • The scissor effect produced between the mobile knife and the fixed knife guarantees a clean edged, melt-free cut, easily and accurately.
    • The roll adjustments enable a trouble-free feeding of materials of various types and shapes.
    • Automatic feeding shutdown in over thickness conditions with withdrawal facility by feeding reversal.